Our Values

Our Wholefood Principle 

Local - We source from local farmers and suppliers to keep product fresh and nutritious, and to support our home.
Honest - Our food, and our approach. We are transparent, no hidden nasties.
From scratch - We make everything from scratch - even the sauce! Nothing is pre-bought.
Sustainable - We celebrate a closed-loop food cycle and strive to minimise our waste and impact on the world.

Company Values

Keep it Real // Human

We cultivate ‘wow it’s you’ experiences through authentic food and relationships by being 100% open, honest and real at all times. We are bold, vulnerable and unapologetically ourselves, and we stand for others to be the same. This is what makes all of us reach our full potential. We are an inclusive community celebrating everyone’s uniqueness; we stand out because we are human first.

Genuine Care // Care

We take personal pride in being our best and leading by example in everything we do. From how we source our food to how we lead our stores and kitchens, we own what we do and make it matter. We listen and respect each other, and we lift each other and the company up. We are considerate, and value each other's time - we are mindful of our impact on others by being personally responsible with every action. We care about leaving every space better than we found it. We’re creating a legacy together by genuinely caring about ourselves,  others and the environment.

Make it Count // Excellence

Whether a big task or a small token, we strive to do our best work. We are the best hosts in town and make every interaction and experience count. If it’s not good enough, we make it better. We keep each other honest, hold each other to high standards, and assume the best in one another. We are problem-solvers, creative thinkers and risk-takers; we ask for forgiveness, not permission. We are accountable for our actions, take initiative and own the outcomes because we are entrepreneurs at heart.

Share Joy // Joy

Through being 100% ourselves, we influence joy in every moment. We naturally create kitchen-party vibes in every store, kitchen and community experience. We create it, we bring it, we are it.

Anything is Possible // Empowered

We are confident self-starters who look for opportunities, take risks, and own our failures. We celebrate failure because it means we’re playing big and making a mark. We are resilient and have grit – we never give up. We are creative, open-minded and unconventional in our thinking. We know there's a solution to everything. Together, we know that anything is possible and we make epic shit happen every day.