Laneway Greens

Melbourne Box

Born out of our Melbourne kitchens. A mix up of meat and plant based meals. Arguably one of the best cities to dine in the world. Our food scene is known for innovation and world class quality food. Melbourne Box is not just Restaurant Quality, it's Melbourne quality, it's world-class. It's for foodies. For those seeking inspiration in their cooking. A food box you’ll keep coming back to.

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Laneway Greens

Plant Box

It's straight up plants, with our wholefood principles. No messing about. 'Plant-based whole food' to be exact. It's good for you & mother nature. The food baby of world-class chef Warren Flanagan and nutritionist Ashely Ellis. The Plant Box is something you can be proud of. Whether you are seg-waying into a plant-based lifestyle, or you're already there. This will satisfy your cravings and your soul.

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