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Your simple steps to getting started

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Step 1 

Choose a box.

Melbourne Box

Born out of our Melbourne kitchens. A mix up of meat and plant based meals. The Melbourne Box is not just restaurant quality, it's Melbourne quality, it's world-class. It's for foodies. It’s for you.

Plant Box

It’s straight up plants & tastes amazing. 'Plant-based whole food' to be exact. Whether you are seg-waying into a plant-based lifestyle, or you're already there. This will satisfy your cravings with all things earth.

Step 2 

Choose the number of people.

Select how many people you would like to feed that week, whether it’s you and your partner, a family of four or for your flatmates.

Even if it’s just you, save the leftovers for lunch or bang them in the freezer!

Step 3 

No contracts, no worries

You’re busy, we know. Let us take care of a few meals each week. Pause, cancel or skip at any time. No contracts, no worries.

Step 4 

Our Chefs get to work!

Ash, Warren and Zak work together to bring you our healthy, fresh whole food meals. They source the freshest local ingredients, of the highest quality. Like our Bendigo chicken.

Step 5 

Delivered direct to you.

Choose your delivery date and time. We will deliver to your door or office. Easily use your client login to update your information should things change.

Step 6 

Your turn, plate up time.

It's simple, Each meal comes in 3 main components that you put together - Just like this picture. Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Mains
  2. Grains
  3. Vegetables

Add your favourite pantry staples to make it your own. Enjoy it again, and again, and again.

Laneway Greens

Melbourne Box

A combination of meat and plant-based meals. Born out of our Melbourne kitchens. For those seeking inspiration in their cooking. A meal box you’ll keep coming back to.

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Laneway Greens

Plant Box

100% Plant-based whole food meals. Whether you are seg-waying into a plant-based lifestyle, or you're already there. This is good for the planet, good for the soul and good for you. Goodness in a box

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