As we continue to navigate COVID-19 we are committed to making transparent and thoughtful choices grounded in our mission to provide you with healthy food with the highest integrity following food safety standards in Australia. Our dedicated team is taking increased precautions by reinforcing health and hygiene protocols and following guidance from the Australian government. We have made the decision to make Laneway Greens a digital-ordering experience across our restaurants.

With the government’s latest update on COVID-19, we wanted to reassure you that Laneway Greens is classified as Essential Service, and we are committed to looking after our community in these challenging times. At Laneway Green food safety and cleanliness is at the forefront of every decision we make. Your health and wellbeing is paramount to us. Our manufacturers are at the highest global accreditation.

We have:

  • Reinforced the Health minister’s guidelines around regular and thorough hand washing.
  • Implemented additional personal protective equipment for our team assembling the wholefood @homebox.
  • Implemented heightened facility sanitation practices across the business.
  • Implemented an extended sick leave policy for staff so that they are paid if they are unable to attend work.
  • Reinforcing delivery partners to sanitise delivery vehicles after each run.

We will continue to update this page to keep you informed.


How do I pay on the Laneway Greens App?

  1. Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Follow the prompts or select ‘payment’ on the menu
  3. Click on the ‘Credit or Debit Card’ box to add your card details. If you’re fancy, you can use the photo method, or type in the details yourself.
  4. Voilà, your card is now successfully loaded into the app.

Can I pay in-store?

  1. Select which Laneway Greens store you’re be ordering from (it’s at the top of the Home screen)
  2. When you’re all set up and ready to pay in our stores, hit the ‘Pay in-store’ button at the bottom of the Home screen
  3. You’ll see your mobile number displayed
  4. Order your items, and let us know behind the counter “you’re paying with the app”
  5. We’ll ask you to confirm your number and we’ll process your order
  6. The amount will be debited from your card

How do I order ahead with the app?

  1. Select which Laneway Greens store you’re be ordering from (it’s at the top of the Home screen)
  2. Tap the ‘How are you ordering' button (it's at the bottom of the Home screen)
  3. Select 'Order ahead'
  4. Add your products. Your cart will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Tap your Cart > Check out
  6. Tap the blue button Pay with app
  7. Head to your selected Laneway Greens Store to pick up


When will I be charged?  

Your attached payment method is only ever charged for what you order and we will email your receipt to you. You can also check a history of orders in the app under ‘My Activity.’

If you have credit on your account, it will automatically be used for your purchase. If the total purchase is more than your current credit balance, your default attached payment method will be used to pay the balance. For every $1 you spend using the app you'll automatically earn 10 points. Your current point balance will always be visible on the Home screen of your app. 

How do I enter an exclusive code or voucher?

  1. Open your app
  2. Tap the top left Menu,
  3. Select from' Voucher' from the list of menu items
  4. Type in your code
  5. Press 'Apply'
  6. After entering your code, a 'Success' message should appear! Check your updated point balance on the Home screen. 

What if my app isn’t working?

If you have any issues with the app, you can lodge your query via the Support section (located in the top left main menu). Our support team will look into and get back to you ASAP and if any payment needs to be refunded or changed, don’t worry, they’ll sort it out. If you’re in one of our stores, let us know if you’re having any problems with the app – We’ll try our best to sort this out for you for.

How do I change my card details saved in my account?

Head to the ‘Payment’ menu or on the payment screen

What’s with the $1 transaction showing on my account?

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged. This is just us playing around from the backend with a temporary authorisation transaction. It will disappear in a few days.

How do I find the offer to redeem?

Check under your 'Saved Offers' tab on the menu. If you still can't find it, send us an email at hello@lanewaygreens.com.au

Once you've earned enough points, these can be used to redeem free stuff which you can use now or save for later.


How long will my meals last for?

Your meals will last for 7 days fresh and 5 days once opened. For fresh veggies, just treat like you would from the supermarket. Once you open the bag make sure you reseal or place into a Tupperware container for freshness. 

How should I keep my meals fresh?

You can freeze any of the items. Once you have defrosted the food and heat, eat the food the same day.

What happens if I have food allergies?

We show all the dietary information on each recipe and highlight specifically for each allergy. 

Does Laneway Greens do vegetarian and vegan options?

We have vegan and vegetarian options in each box. We've just launched our Plant Box which is 100% vegan. Order your Plant Box here.

How do I know which meals are vegetarian and vegan?

All recipes are clearly labelled so they can be identified easily. 

Where can I find the ingredients for each meal?

Ingredients for each recipe can be found on each recipe card here

Does Laneway Greens cater for specific dietary requirements?

Our Melbourne Box has a combination of both vegan and non-vegan options. Our Plant Box is 100% vegan. All recipes are gluten-free currently. To see the nutritional information and ingredients list of each recipe, click here.

Can I recycle my packaging?

The box that your food arrives in can be recycled. Unfortunately, the vacuum bags are not recyclable – we are working hard to find options to make our food boxes 100% recyclable. We are looking for an Australian company to create a bio-degradable bag for us. Watch this space.

What is the nutritious value of your food? Where can I find this?

The nutritional information for each recipe can be found on our website here.

Will I receive exactly what I see on the images?

You will receive the prepared items and steps to follow. How it looks will be up to how you assemble and plate the meals. If you think you have smashed it out the park feel free to upload your skills to Instagram and tag us #LWGPLAYTING.

What is the portion size of the meals?

All portion sizes are between 435g – 705g.

Can I eat these meals if I am pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

Yes. All our meals are suitable for you.



How do I order?

You can order on the website by clicking on the ‘order now’ button on the homepage. Once you have ordered, you will receive an email with your delivery schedule and a link your recipes.

Is there an app for ordering?

Not yet. We are working on it! Watch this space.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order for our Plant Box or our Melbourne Box is $109 or $149 respectively – this includes free delivery.

Can I buy a food box in-store?

No. This is currently only available online. 

Can I do a ‘repeat’ order?

Of course. We have just launched 'Subscribe & Save.' You can get a different food box delivered to your door every week at a cheaper price. There are no lock in contracts, you can cancel, pause and restart your subscription at any time.  If you're on a subscription and would like to cancel, pause or change your delivery date, simply log into your account and make any required changes. If you have any issues, send us an email at hello@lanewaygreens.com.au

Do I need to sign up for a contract?

You can cancel, pause and restart your subscription at any time. You simply set and forget, making it simple! If you're on a subscription and would like to cancel, pause or change your delivery date, simply log into your account and make any required changes. If you have any issues, send us an email at hello@lanewaygreens.com.au

When do I need to place my order to get my delivery on time?

Delivery days are currently Fridays and Saturdays. You must place an order before 8am the previous Monday to receive your order that week. If you have any questions, please send us an email at hello@lanewaygreens.com.au


How do I pay?

You can pay online with your credit or debit card.

Can I use Afterpay?

Not yet. Watch this space.  

What if my payment is declined?

Please speak to your provider or alternatively use a different card. 


Who are your suppliers & manufacturers?

We use the highest standard ingredients from accredited farms across Victoria and Australia. Our manufacturers work to the highest standards available in Australia, a standard that is acknowledged globally.

What credibility and standards do your partners have?

Our Co-Packing manufacturers work to SQF Quality Code, Edition 8.0 and SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, Edition 8.0. Our logistic partners work to HACCP (CAC/RCP 1-1969 – Rev. 4 – 2003) – Receival, Storage and Distribution of Refrigerated & Frozen products – Including Dry Goods.

Where does your meat come from?

Our black angus beef comes from farms on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. Grass fed and Grass finished. Our Anti-biotic free-range chicken comes from Bendigo. Our fresh salmon comes from Tasmania.



What delivery service do you use? Is it safe?

In Victoria we have partnered with ColdXpress, who have their own HACCP certificate audited by SGS. They work to Prime Safe accreditations. Their warehouse also has a further processing and packaging licence with Prime Safe. All drivers work to BFM (Basic Fatigue Management) certification and every delivery vehicle is fitted with 'Seeing Eyes' by Guardian.

When will my product be delivered once I’ve placed my order?

Delivery days are currently Fridays and Saturdays. You must place an order before 8am the previous Monday to receive your order that week. If you have any questions, please send us an email at hello@lanewaygreens.com.au

What do I do if my delivery doesn’t come?

All of deliveries are being tracked so we will know if your box has not been delivered, we will keep you up to date with any changes taking place. Feel free to email us on at hello@lanewaygreens.com.au if you have any issues or questions regarding delivery.

What time will my order be delivered?

Your delivery will come anytime between 8am-8pm.

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

If you are not at home we will leave your box on your doorstep or in the lobby of your building. You will receive an email to let you know when your box has been dropped off.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free.

Can I pick my order up from a store?

No. Not at this stage.

How do I recycle my delivery box?

Remove all the contents of the box and fold the box. Place the box in your recycle bin as you would any other item. Alternatively use the box for another job or task to increase the life cycle of the box before its recycled. 

I placed my order with the wrong address, what do I do?

Click on the ‘reply’ button on the confirmation email as quickly as possible with the updated address.

I didn’t receive exactly what I ordered, what do I do?

Contact hello@lanewaygreens.com.au and will figure it out for you!

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

Once you receive your order confirmation email, you must email us at hello@lanewaygreens.com.au asap for us to potential refund or cancel your order.