Laneway Greens

All About Us

Our Experience

We’ve been feeding Australians for over 5 years. In that time, we have forged long lasting friendships with farmers and suppliers around regional Australia. Our recipes are handcrafted by our chefs Ash & Warren, they're legends, you'll love their food as much as we love them.

Our approach

It's simple. We care a lot about everything that we do. Our whole team is committed to a no-bullshit approach to food. Just healthy, local, honest meals, made from scratch. All made within a sustainable, win-win business model. We make decisions that last longer than we will.

Our local ingredients

We source the best quality food from local artisan suppliers, that’s free-range chicken from Bendigo, amazingly fresh Tasmanian seafood, grass-fed Angus beef from farms in Victoria & NSW, and delicious seasonal vegetables from local farms.

Our history

We started out as a wholefood canteen in Melbourne, but Covid-19 put the brakes on that. So to fill the gap, we did a full 180 in the space of about 2 weeks, and we now also deliver whole food meal boxes across Australia.

We had to keep our business alive and we saw an opportunity to continue feeding our Laneway Greens regulars, in the comfort of their home.

Helping out others

It's been a difficult time for everyone. Some are hit worse than others and we're committed to doing what we can to help out. This is important to us, and we know it's important to you too - to give back.

For every 100 boxes sold, we feed 10 people in the community in need nominated by you.

Know anyone in need? Send us an email to