Discovering the Elegance of Coastal Living: A Look at Their Exquisite Dining Table Collection

Introduction: Welcome to a journey through the elegant and serene world of the coastal dining tables collection. Coastal Living, known for its sophisticated and tranquil designs, offers a range of dining tables that perfectly capture the essence of coastal elegance. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of their most captivating pieces, perfect for anyone looking to bring a touch of seaside serenity into their home.

1. Seb Dining Table – Starting from $4,600.00 The Seb Dining Table is a masterpiece of design, blending modern aesthetics with classic elegance. Available in various colours, this table is not just a piece of furniture but a statement of style. Its clean lines and refined look make it a perfect centrepiece for any dining room.

2. Frankie Dining Table – $3,100.00 The Frankie Dining Table exudes a charm that is both rustic and contemporary. Its sturdy build and simplistic design make it an ideal choice for those who prefer a no-fuss, yet stylish dining area. This table is a testament to the beauty of minimalist design.

3. Anton Dining Table The Anton Dining Table is a blend of traditional design with a modern twist. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the timelessness of classic furniture but want a contemporary edge. The details and craftsmanship speak volumes of its quality.

4. Sunday Dining Table – From $5,500.00 As the name suggests, the Sunday Dining Table is perfect for leisurely weekend brunches or family gatherings. Its spacious design and elegant finish make it a luxurious addition to any dining space.

5. Porto Dining Table – $4,100.00 The Porto Dining Table is all about sleek lines and a clean look. It’s ideal for those who love modern design and want to make a bold statement in their dining area. This table is a perfect blend of functionality and style.

6. L2 Dining Table – From $7,950.00 For those who are looking for an ultra-modern and high-end piece, the L2 Dining Table is the ultimate choice. Its unique design and premium finish set it apart as a centerpiece in a contemporary home.

7. L1 Dining Table – $7,950.00 Similar to the L2, the L1 Dining Table is a symbol of luxury and modern design. Its striking appearance is sure to be a conversation starter and the focal point of any dining room.

8. Bok Dining Table – From $2,450.00 The Bok Dining Table is a beautiful blend of simplicity and elegance. Its understated design makes it versatile for various interior styles, from modern to traditional.

9. Elsie Round Dining Table – $4,250.00 The Elsie Round Dining Table brings a touch of classic elegance with its round shape and refined look. It’s perfect for intimate dinners and adds a warm, inviting feel to the dining area.

10. R1 Round Dining Table – From $4,500.00 Last but not least, the R1 Round Dining Table is another excellent choice for those who prefer round tables. Its sleek design and modern appeal make it a great addition to any contemporary dining space.

Conclusion: Coastal Living’s dining table collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, elegance, and contemporary design. Each piece in their collection is more than just a dining table; it’s a work of art that brings style and sophistication to your home. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of the Elsie Round Dining Table or the modern sophistication of the L2, there’s something in this collection for every taste and style.


Elevate Your Outdoor Living with Patios Melbourne by MBV

In the vibrant city of Melbourne, where the outdoor lifestyle is celebrated and the climate is conducive to spending time outside, having an inviting patio can significantly enhance your home. Patios offer a perfect balance of outdoor enjoyment and indoor comfort, transforming your backyard into a functional, stylish living space. When it comes to building patios Melbourne homeowners trust, MBV (Melbourne’s Building Verandahs) is the top choice.

The expert team at MBV specialises in designing and constructing custom patios that add value to Melbourne homes, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Whether your home features modern architecture or leans more towards the classic styles, MBV can create a patio that blends seamlessly with your existing design.

A well-built patio provides a comfortable area to relax, entertain guests, or simply enjoy Melbourne’s temperate climate year-round. The professionals at MBV have an in-depth understanding of Melbourne’s unique weather patterns, ensuring they build patios Melbourne residents can enjoy in any season.

Quality is a hallmark of MBV’s work. They use only premium materials to construct patios, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting appeal. Coupled with their commitment to excellent customer service, MBV offers a smooth, hassle-free experience from initial consultation to project completion.

Patios, especially in Melbourne’s lively outdoor culture, are more than just an addition to your home. They are spaces where memories are made, whether it’s family BBQs, relaxed afternoons with a book, or evenings of entertainment with friends. When you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space with a patio, trust MBV, a name synonymous with high-quality patios Melbourne homeowners love. Visit their website today to explore their services and begin planning your dream patio.




Magical Moments at My Oh My: Richmond’s Enchanting Café Experience

Attention, lovers of magic! Welcome to a place where magic is not only admired but also created. My Oh My, one of the most beloved cafés in Richmond since its inception in 2018, is here to satisfy your cravings for delicious food, rich coffee, and enchanting moments. Nestled on the bustling Swan Street, My Oh My has been delighting patrons with a classic modern menu that changes seasonally, catering to a wide range of tastes, including plant-based and gluten-free options.

A Favorite Destination for All Occasions

My Oh My is open early, making it an ideal destination for morning meetings, leisurely lunches, and bottomless brunches. The recently renovated space, featuring timber, rich fabrics, and natural light, creates an inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy fresh, locally-sourced produce. Whether you’re planning a get-together with friends or an intimate meal for one, My Oh My is the perfect destination.

Delectable Experiences: Brunch in Richmond

Step into the heart of Richmond and discover our bottomless brunch menu, which serves up a feast of mouth-watering food and beverages tailored to your taste. Relax and immerse yourself in a scrumptious experience at any time of the day. Indulge in shared plates, gourmet burgers, or an assortment of salads made with fresh local ingredients. Don’t forget to check out our Bottomless Brunches menu for more tempting options!

A Swan Street Icon

Swan Street is undeniably the pulse of Richmond, and My Oh My is proud to call it home. Conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the MCG, Melbourne Park precinct, and central to offices in the area, My Oh My serves its bustling community 7 days a week. Our commitment to creating memorable moments, shared over rich coffee and an irresistible menu, cements My Oh My as a true Swan Street icon.

Ready to embark on a magical culinary journey? Make a booking today and let the makers of magic at My Oh My Café Swan Street Richmond enchant your senses with our delightful offerings. Check out our menu and get ready to be spellbound!